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Internet Based Accounting


Use our Internet Based Accounting Systems to support your accounting and finance departments and substantially reduce your hardware and network maintenance costs. We host and support all versions of QuickBooks and related add on applications. We are a licensed QuickBooks Reseller and we have certified trainers available to assist you with your accounting needs. We also host other accounting software applications. Please ask us about your particular accounting software.


  • No network hardware acquisition or maintenance costs.
  • No operating system acquisition or maintenance costs – only your local PC and printer.
  • Our accounting staff can access your data and perform any level of service without traveling to your site.
  • Faster closing and availability of your financial statements and accounting reports.
  • Technical support available online for your software and data files.
  • We provide online or onsite support for your PC and printer configuration.
  • Help Desk available by phone 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.
  • We install and test all software upgrades.


  • Daily backup of your software and accounting data to offsite locations outside of the DFW area.
  • Latest Server Technology, Firewalls and Virus Protection.
  • Virtual Server Technology.


  • Software license fee for accounting software.
  • Software upgrades on annual basis.
  • Same hourly charges for support as we charge for onsite support except faster response time and no travel time or mileage charges unless you request on site support.
  • Setup fees typically average $250 per user and Monthly Hosting Fees are $175 for first user and $100 per additional user.


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