HMSW CPA Accountants & Consultants


Competitive Compensation

Your Hard work and individual contributions will be recognized here. In addition to competitive base salaries and bonus programs, HMSW CPA will reward you through initiatives aimed at helping you to structure an appropriate balance between your career and life style. Your dedication will pay off in the form of advancement opportunities through out your career.

We offer the following and more:

  • Competitive pay with paid time off
  • Health insurance


Solid guidance for your accounting career  

Career Development 

Everyone at HMSW CPA has an equal opportunity to advance their career and realize their maximum professional potential. You will be encouraged and mentored by experienced partners and managers who will provide practical advice on developing your communication and technical skills. From your first day at HMSW CPA, you'll be given the tools necessary to navigate your own career path.

HMSW CPA will provide a variety of training and educational instruction that will keep you abreast of changes in regulatory and compliance matters as well as training you to accept higher levels of responsibility.

Careers in Tax Planning & Compliance  

HMSW CPA prides itself in providing tax planning to its individual and business clients. As a tax professional, you will prepare and review complex federal and/or state income tax returns. You will act as a business advisor to clients, showing companies the most efficient and effective ways to reduce taxes. And you will research the latest federal tax issues to create tax solutions that will benefit our clients. There are opportunities to specialize in a variety of tax fields, including federal tax, state and local tax, and compensation and benefits consulting.

Federal tax services – Monitor and research the latest tax developments to provide federal tax solutions for companies that need help with inventory, asset recovery, mergers and acquisitions, capital cost benefits and recovery, accelerating deductions, and IRS representation & defense..

Valuation services – Help clients expand their business holdings by preparing for an acquisition, merger, sale, transfer of assets, or a new licensing agreement. Provide support for companies involved in litigation, estate and gift planning, bankruptcy or an initial public offering.

Compensation and benefits consulting – Work with clients to provide compensation, employee benefits and human resource advisory services to assist them with benefit plan design, and ERISA compliance.

Career Paths 

Depending on your career tenure and professional goals, you may enter HMSW CPA at one of various levels and then progress depending on responsibility and professional competency.